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About Us

We, at Mechatech, believe that enterprises should focus on their core competencies and not invest time, energy and unnecessary resources in procuring ancillary services. We have also found out that most businesses have to run from pillar-to-post to get services from various providers. This results in loss of man hours and precious resources.

Businesses require office space, but aren’t keen on investing a mini fortune on setting up that infrastructure. They require financial services to run their business smoothly. They require auditing and tax consultancy services. They require business and company incorporation services. They require services of a human resources provider. They require vehicle and travel services. They require the services of an architect and interior designer and they might also require to host events and require the services of an accomplished event planner.

How we work

We understand the current corporate requirements of business

Unique structure concept

Quality service provided by MBC support team

Increase employee self-sufficiency by providing them the scope to learn and excel at delivering services of utmost value.

Provide quality corporate social services.

Create an environment where the client feels satisfied and the services are worthy of their time and trust.

our mission

Our team is always coming up with new strategies to enhance our services and solutions to an expectations-hungry market. We have analyzed the gap between expectation and delivery and our prime focus is to make our clients content by the nature of the services we offer to them.

our Vision

We aspire to render exceptional services to corporate entities by being a one-stop-shop for all their “business needs and be a coveted checkpoint for global connections.